wellness consultation

30 mins for £15

inside & out

At The Hidden Sanctuary Wellness Retreat, with our tailored treatments, we aim to balance the mind, body and spirit, with the desired outcome of clients leaving us with an overwhelming feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. We aim to go a step further and address wellbeing from the inside.

antioxidant readings

We work with Nobel Prize winning technology that enables us to measure antioxidant levels in the body over the last 6 weeks, a non invasive scan on the palm of the hand, which is as accurate as a tissue sample.

Knowing your antioxidant levels gives an indication of how well protected the body is from free radical damage, consequently how at risk the body is to genetic disease in later life and general immunity. In just 90 seconds through the method of a non invasive light lazer, we are able to read your antioxidant level, and advise on how to improve if necessary.

To find out more, book in for a Wellness Consultation, or tag it onto your chosen treatment.