Pre & Post Natal

pregnancy massage, pregnancy reflexology

60 mins £45, 30 mins £30

about the treatment

Pregnancy massage focuses on giving the mother-to-be the attention that she needs at this special time of her life. Pregnancy massage assists the body to relax and help reduce insomnia often experienced in the later stages of pregnancy. Tiredness often accompanies pregnancy, it is extremely beneficial for the body and mind to take an hour out to unwind and relieve those new aches and pains that emerge as your body changes through the months of pregnancy. Regular massage throughout pregnancy helps relieve pregnancy pains, promotes blood circulation, relieves water retention and encourages relaxation. Pregnancy Massage can safely be performed after the 1st trimester.

Pregnancy massage supports an expectant mother-to-be by assisting in making the mother more comfortable and preparing the muscles for childbirth. Virgin coconut oil is used as it is safe for the growing baby and mother-to-be with many benefits for the mind and body. It is known to improve mental fatigue and reduce stress, whilst improving skin tone which is great for keeping stretch marks at bay helping to keep the skin young and healthy as it is rich is vitamin E, and rich in antioxidants.

This Balinese style of pregnancy massage is performed lying the mother-to-be on her side, supported with pillows between her knees and under her bump so the back and leg can be worked deeply, allowing the mother-to-be to drift off while the aches and pains slowly disappear.

great for…

Relaxation, preparing the muscles used during childbirth, reducing swelling in the hands and feet, reducing headaches, cramps, sciatic pain, releasing muscle tension.

you might also like reflexology…

Pregnancy reflexology can also be very beneficial to accompany massages through pregnancy or as a treatment on it’s own, it is a great way to relax if the mother-to-be is finding it difficult to move from one side to the other, with pregnancy reflexology the mother-to-be is made very comfortable from the start of the treatment and not required to move until the 45 minute treatment has finished.

Also, reflexology in early labour can be very beneficial to help relieve pain, assist with emptying the bowel, calm the nervous system and most importantly stimulate oxytocin release. Oxytocin is the hormone which naturally rises at the onset of labour, causing regular contractions of the womb and abdominal muscles. Oxytocin induced contractions become stronger and more frequent without the influence of progesterone and oestrogen, which at high levels prevent labour. If you are interested in having reflexology during early labour or pre-labour please call to find out more. Early labour appointments can be made at The Hidden Sanctuary, at home or at Ashurst Birthing Centre.