Pre & Post Natal

post natal massage

60 mins £45, 30 mins £30

about the treatment

Massage therapy is a great way to restore your body back to balance after labour. It not only helps restoring your body’s physical condition, but also is great for nurturing your emotional wellbeing during such a momentous time of your life.

This full body massage with particular focus on the stomach, is a very gentle way to achieve a great number of physical benefits for your body after giving birth, helping to balance your hormones and reduce fluid retention.

great for…

There are many benefits that include; assisting the tightening up of the womb and restoring the uterus, helping to increase blood circulation around the whole body, supporting healthy breast feeding, helping to reduce stress, relieve neck and shoulder pain from breast feeding, reducing headaches providing deep relaxation especially important when experiencing exhaustion from the new demands on your body and of your baby, removing trapped wind in the body and eliminating excess body fluids and aiding weight loss and muscle tone.


At The Hidden Sanctuary your comfort and peace of mind is most important to us. Post natal massage can be performed on the floor on a futon mat so that you can bring your baby and they can lie next to you, just let us know if you would like to do this before you arrive.

support for new parents

Great support for new parents hoping to enhance their wellness and maximise their potential as a parent and enjoy it being a parent, check it out…