Body treatments

thai massage

90 mins £70

about the treatment

Performed on a supportive mat on the floor, Thai Massage is one of the most ancient healing arts, it has been working wonders for centuries. By pressing, pulling, stretching and manipulating the body it effects both the joints and the soft tissues, improving flexibility, alleviating pain, increasing vitality and offering a completely pleasurable, relaxing experience. No other type of massage provides a more powerful combination of two people’s energies.

Thai Massage focuses on the Chinese Meridians, known as Sen lines. Careful application of pressure along these channels helps to release any energy blockages and stagnation. The massage and manipulation stimulates the flow of blood and lymph aiding detox, warms the tissues and improves flexibility and can help to ease pain.

After a Thai Massage your muscles and joints will have received an intensive workout that you could never do by yourself, the improvement in flexibility will be noticed immediately. Regular Thai Massage progressively develops a degree of flexibility and mobility in the body that many recipients find miraculous. For best results, ask for your pressure to be strong.

great for…

Improved mobility, restored balance, increased energy.