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reflexology the hidden sanctuary's signature treatment

£40 for 45 minutes or £25 for 30 mins express treatment

about the treatment

Reflexology is a noninvasive, holistic treatment that works on the feet to balance the whole body. It includes both massage and pressure point techniques to manipulate the energy pathways of the body, stimulating and soothing the nervous system while balancing the endocrine system.

Reflexology is an ancient healing art dating back over 2500 years BC. From ancient texts, illustrations and artifacts, we know that the early Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Russians and Egyptians worked on the feet to promote good health. There is a long established principle that there are energy zones that run throughout the body and reflex areas in the feet that correspond to all the major organs, glands and body parts. By manipulating the feet, reflexology aims to create balance and harmony in all the systems of the body, it helps to reduce stress and induce deep relaxation which consequently helps the body to function more efficiently, including those that eliminate waste products. Benefits are often felt after a single session, and regular treatments will maintain these effects.

Beginning with a herbal foot soak, with a thorough cleanse and scrub, followed by a full hour of reflexology, relieving tension and improving energy flow to the whole body.

great for…

Relief from insomnia, circulation, lymph efficiency therefore boosting the immune system, encourages elimination of toxins and impurities, deeply relaxing relieving mental and physical fatigue, creates a feeling of wellbeing as endorphins are released. Reflexology has also been known to have a normalizing effect on blood pressure.

Why not add reflexology onto the end of a Balinese Massage for total relaxation.

pregnancy reflexology, early labour reflexology

Pregnancy reflexology can also be very beneficial to accompany massages through pregnancy or as a treatment on it’s own, it is a great way to relax if the mother-to-be is finding it difficult to move from one side to the other, with pregnancy reflexology the mother-to-be is made very comfortable from the start of the treatment and not required to move until the 60 minute treatment has finished.

Also, reflexology in early labour can be very beneficial to help relieve pain, assist with emptying the bowel, calm the nervous system and most importantly stimulate oxytocin release. Oxytocin is the hormone which naturally rises at the onset of labour, causing regular contractions of the womb and abdominal muscles. Oxytocin induced contractions become stronger and more frequent without the influence of progesterone and oestrogen, which at high levels prevent labour. If you are interested in having reflexology during early labour or pre-labour please call to find out more. Early labour appointments can be made at The Hidden Sanctuary, at home or at Ashurst Birthing Centre.