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The Baby Sanctuary is a place dedicated to the wellbeing of your new arrivals.
The power of touch is very soothing and instinctive for both parents and babies. Cuddling and stroking babies to reassure them is a natural impulse. Baby massage is an extension of this natural impulse and helps to form a strong bond with parents and their new arrivals.

Long before babies are able to speak or even respond to sounds and sights, they are able to communicate with the world around them through touch, it is the first sense they develop in the womb. When they are born, babies are dependent on their parents and caregivers for touch. Touch has many benefits and can help to forge the bonds of trust and security that are so important for a baby’s future development.

Join us at The Baby Sanctuary where weekly massage sessions run Monday’s between 10.00-10.45am and 11am – 11.45am at £5 per session, classes are open to all. A one off cost of £3 is charged if you wish to purchase the appropriate massage oil for your baby.
Email, call or text to book a place 07989 944 246

benefits for babies

baby benefits

benefits for parents

For parents, baby massage classes encourage a better understanding of their baby. By reading and respecting their baby’s cues it promotes bonding and a secure attachment between parents and babies. Baby massage can improve self-esteem and confidence for parents, decreasing their own stress hormones and consequently their baby’s. Baby massage is a great way for the fathers to have early involvement, allowing one on one quality time together.

what to expect

Baby Massage classes begin with a cup of tea or coffee and biscuits, a rare moment to enjoy a hot drink, chat about this weeks new challenges with other mum’s, then a brief period of relaxation, meeting the needs of the babies in an unhurried interaction. The baby massage begins with slow rhythmic strokes; speed and timing are being guided by the baby’s body signals.

Baby massage classes are a safe environment where no one is judged, parents are respected as unique in their own way of relating to their baby. The classes are an enjoyable and sociable way of helping both the parents and babies to undergo the complex process of adjustment and bonding when a new baby joins the family. Great for new parents, or those who have older children and want some one on one time with the latest addition to the family.

At The Baby Sanctuary, the babies always come first; parents are welcomed to do what ever they need to do throughout our classes. There are dolls to practice on if babies are not in the mood for massage or asleep.

what to bring

Everything you normally need for your baby if you were going out. Classes are taught on the floor, on a large futon mat, and cushions are provided for more comfort. If you have had a caesarean section, I can easily adapt to provide a seated massage area.

I provide an e-book covering everything we learn, and you can purchase a bottle of cold pressed organic sunflower oil at £3 to get you started on this magnificent journey with your baby.

when to attend

The Baby Sanctuary welcomes babies from birth up to 12 months. Touch is adjusted to the individual baby. Parents are encouraged to come to the classes when they feel ready.

If your baby has been born prematurely and is still in hospital, or if visiting The Baby Sanctuary is not convenient for you, please contact me to arrange a home or hospital visit. Touch is just as vital for your little one if they arrive earlier than expected, or haven’t quite got the hang of life yet without complications.

does your baby have colic?

A specific routine has been developed to help babies with colic. If the colic routine is administered over a two week period, two to three times a day, parents have noted significant improvement with their baby’s symptoms. Just ask for more information in class if you require these strokes earlier.

At last answers to why your baby has colic and how to help them.
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